Keith Horwood


Keith Horwood is the Founder and CEO of StdLib, a FaaS library focused on providing a comprehensive build-deploy-discover-integrate toolchain for rapid, production-ready, functions-first development. He’s previously the author of the popular Node.js framework Nodal, and a bit of a bioinformatics geek. Toronto born-and-raised, Keith is now happily based out of San Francisco.

Developer Velocity - Introduction to Functions-First Development

“Serverless” is a new development architecture and paradigm that fundamentally changes how we think about software development, enabling us to turn the base shippable unit of code from the application to the function. In this talk, we’ll discuss the last two decades of software (web application) development, how we’ve gone from PHP and the LAMP stack all the way to serverless architecture, and provide an introduction to Functions as a Service. We’ll finish with FaaSlang: an open specification for serverless function definitions and execution semantics. We’ll show you how to get started with FaaS immediately, with a focus on how this paradigm increases developer velocity and brings you from zero to one as fast as possible.