Jay V


Jay is the founder of Seed, a fully-managed CI/CD service for Serverless. He is also the author of Serverless Stack, the most popular guide to building full-stack Serverless applications.

Serverless - Democratizing Application Development

We’ll start by looking at why there has been a divide between front-end and back-end development. And why the complexity of back-end development has made it very hard for a lot of individuals to build real world applications. Then we’ll look briefly at the attempts to simplify this process over the years (Heroku, Parse, etc). And talk about why Lambda is the perfect solution for this problem. How Lambda and the serverless model drastically reduces the complexity of your back-end code. Then we’ll take a brief tour of the supplementary serverless services (databases, authentication, file uploads, queues etc) and how they all tie together to empower individual developers. Finally, we’ll drive home the point that if you are an aspiring developer; the step from learning to code to actually building a real-world application is not as daunting anymore. And how serverless is going to open up the world of software development to a much broader group of people.