Nicholas Gottlieb


Nicholas is the VP of Growth and part of the founding team at Serverless Inc where he leads their go-to-market strategy. Prior to joining Serverless he lead go-to-market at CircleCI where he was their first business hire. When he’s not helping companies ship software faster he enjoys surfing, sailing, and getting lost in the mountains.

Achieving vendor choice in a serverless world

Organizations that want to move fast, reduce overhead, and innovate more are increasingly adopting serverless architectures. The gains in speed and productivity from adopting these architectures are significant, but they’re not without risk, and one of these risks is losing agility due to lock-in. In the talk we’ll discuss architectural strategies that organizations can adopt to optimize for agility and vendor choice while still reaping the benefits of highly abstracted serverless services. The strategies we will discuss include utilizing open source technologies, adopting open standards, building an event-driven architectures to avoid data lock-in, and more. We will reference real strategies implemented by companies like Coca-Cola, Accenture, and Expedia.